MSNBC Video of Al  Roker and Dr. Roshini Raj, Contributing editor to Health Magazine, talk about Chia Seeds in a Today Show segment, "More Energy in 2012".

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Chia seeds touted as Healthy Diet Addition for their Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber 

October 20th 2009 article in the  Cleveland Plain Dealer by Kate Spector 

Most Americans of a certain age associate chia seeds with kitshy sprout covered figures.

But many well-known healthy eating advocates - including the Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Andrew Well of the University of Arizona  - are saying it is a good idea to include the tiny black seed in your diet. Chia seeds are a good source of fiber and calcium, and important for vegetarians  -  they contain omega 3 fatty acids, essential fats your body does not make but needs to function properly. Read more

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