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As a seasoned long-distance runner of thirteen marathons I have used Chia Seeds on the past three with good results. I use the chia seeds to keep my body hydrated on the longer runs and as a result I have transitioned
into using water stops less frequently. The chia seeds keep me well hydrated during the race and they allow me to focus on obtaining my PR without wasting valuable time at water stops. I will continue to use chia
seeds on my longer runs!
Long-Distance Runner

 Name: John Chmura

Comments: I have taken the Chia Seeds dry and it got rid of my heartburn. I felt alot better and they worked very fast.

Name: Kathy Regan

Comments: I recently have had breast cancer. I also have fibromylagia. I have been taking the Chia Seeds. After taking the Chia Seeds the last couple months, my muscles don't hurt and I have more flexibility. My
doctor was amazed and he now is prescribing Chia Seeds to his patients.

Name : Renee
Comments: Thanks for the delivery of chia seeds. I had not renewed my prescription for prilosec and I was starting to get acid reflux. When I got my chia seeds-all the symptoms went away!  This just like the remi-teas
website says, and I did not even know that! I don't have all the info, but Omega 3 is also supposed to be good for people like me who have Bipolar Disorder (formerly called Manic Depression)  It may be another selling

Name: Victoria Waltman - UPS Driver

Comments: I have been going to Marion's store since she opened her doors. After my first Chai experience, I was sold. I'm a UPS driver soI see a lot of people. I told everyone about her wonderful drinks. In the winter
I would get her Vanilla Chai with ginseng added. It would give me an extra boost 

Name: Ron R. Russo, a Black Belt Martial Instructor

Comments: The products are great. The drinks are energetic for what I do like lifting weights and practicing martial arts. I've taken a lot of nutrition,;but never felt much from them. My favorite drink is the Spiced Chai.

Name: Michael D'Amico

Comments: I am a 41 year old runner and I am always looking for ways to improve my time. When I first took the Chia seeds in a bottle of water before a workout, I felt full after the workout even though I had run a
couple miles and not eaten for 5 hours. With a regular regimen of running workouts and a daily dose of Chia seeds in an 8 ounce glass of water, I was able to run my best ever Marathon time in Chicago by a 1/2 hour.

Name: Patti Freeman from Madison

Comments: Natural Remi-Teas is part of a progressive new era that has come to Madison. Marion is educating her clientele on the health benefits of teas and other concoctions that have been around for years - with proven
 positive results. Not only that - but they taste good. Herspecialty Chai drinks have become very popular and have caught the taste buds  of the trendy and chic spots in L.A. and New York. My favorite is the Yerba Mate
tea. You'll never want coffee again after trying this. No Caffeine - just an all natural boost. Best wishes for continued success in your venture and keep surprising us with your new innovations!

Name: Tracy:

Comments: Love the CHIA!!!! I cannot recommend it enough!!!!!!! I noticed a fabulous difference in my weight in 1 week and it is helping me tremendously to prepare for my upcoming wedding.

Name: Tracy:

Comments: Love the CHIA!!!! I cannot recommend it enough!!!!!!! I noticed a fabulous difference in my weight in 1 week and it is helping me tremendously to prepare for my upcoming wedding.

Name: Katie Green

Comments: I love the store. The fact that everything is so simple, there aren't tons of ingredients in the teas. You know exactly what you are getting.  Marion is very knowledgeable and helpful. I love all the fact sheets
and everything in the store is so reasonably priced. This is a key factor because people nowadays complain so much as to how expensive " healthy" things are. Here is a place where it isn't. Much luck with everything.
I can definitely see this place taking off.

Comments: I am very excited to see a medicinal tea shop with all natural ingredients. Coming from Boulder, Colorado where there are natural food stores on every corner, I found myself searching everywhere in
Ashtabula County and have now landed on Marion's tea shop. I love the
fact Marion is willing to research her products and has extensive knowledge, and that she is willing to look for her customers and find other alternative products to help them out. I think Marion is on to something Quite big here. Definitely love the Chia.

Name: Hani from the United Kingdom

Comments: Just say the muffins and teas are great. All my friends liked.

Name: Billy J. Breeding Jr.

Comments: I love this store. Marion's Fruit Blast are the best. She is so nice and friendly. I like coming to the
store. It is always a pleasure.

Name: Paula Milligan

Comments: Natural Remi-Teas is such a great place. I have never really been a tea or coffee drinker, but after
I tasted some of the wonderful drinks there, it's really great. Marion is so nice and very informative about
the drinks there. My favorite one is the Vanilla Chai with Ginseng and also the Fruit. Blast. . They give you so
much energy and I really feel good. I have been going there ever since she opened and I think it's just a
wonderful place. There are a lot of other drinks here. My kids love the Chai's and the Sherbet Whips.
 Natural Remi-Teas has something from all age groups.

Children's testimonials

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