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Cooking With Chia

Cooking with Chia In the last many months I have discussed the features and benefits of Chia seed which is a splendid super food in many ways. Chia is a very complete food, providing the body with protein, omega fatty acids, fiber and plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Today I would like to make some suggestions on how to add and apply Chia to our daily cooking routines.  10 Simple Chia  Recipes $3 Buy Now

As I mentioned in week one, when adding water to Chia seed, the seed will grow to 9 times its weight and take a gel like form. Many recipes with Chia call for the gel process. You can find that recipe in last month’s blog recipe section called Chia Gel.

According to Marion Gray from Natural Remi-Teas, “You get great benefit in using Chia in its gel form; however there is no problem using it dry, by adding to our food and shakes. It still bangs out a great punch of nutrition.”

Here are some foods to which you can add Chia:

Oatmeal and hot grains
Cold cereals
Breads for baking
Fruit pies
Sauces and Salad dressings
Sprinkle on your salads and veggies
Fruit sorbets
Protein shakes
Fruit Smoothies
Soups and stews
Jams and jellies
Mashed potatoes
Pancake and Waffle batters
Peanut Butter
Tarter Sauce
Barbecue Sauce
Fruit and Vegetable Juice
Nut spreads

The list goes on when using Chia in our diet. I would suggest you try to have it added to your diet in some way. Two or three tablespoons a day would be a good start.

I would, lastly, suggest to search the internet for some interesting recipes. In my upcoming book Chia Seeds A 20 Year Commitment An Interview with William Anderson, I have an easy recipe section that is worth checking out. The book will be available in July 2009.

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Chia Seeds have only 139 calories for an ounce serving and have a 1GI for diabetics. See more nutritional stats about chia seeds at calorie

Marion Gray - "As I have stated I myself have hashimotos hypothyroidism (under active) thyroid. I was diagnosed with it in 1985. There are millions of people who have this condition and millions more who are not yet aware it is what is wrong with them." Learn More.