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Natural Remi-teas believes in finding natural solutions with aid of medical practitioners. We have a line of products of foods, teas, and seeds with a long track record of success. We hope to solve problems naturally even if it includes solutions outside our product line. We look to partner with other entities which share our vision. We aim to promote solutions which have a long track record. We have first hand experience with thyroid, diabetes, digestive, and insomnia problems.

Marion Gray, owner of Natural Remi-Teas

Hello. My name is Marion Gray and I am from Madison, Ohio. Everyone always asks me why I started the store, where did you learn, and how did you learn all that you know. I am not a doctor and I have had no special medical training. I have never claimed to have any. Before learning about my thyroid condition, I would have never thought of running my own store.

Well let's go back to when it all started.

I have an under active thyroid, a gastric ulcer, acute gastritis, gerd, and irritable bowel syndrome. I have fought with these ailments for over 17 years. I had all the tests and tried the different medications that were offered. The one that affected me the most was the thyroid.

Marion Gray TV appearance

Marion Gray pictured in center as she appeared
on WKYC channel 3 Good Company show in 2006

I was so tired of always feeling exhausted and not well. One day I decided to go on the computer and find out for myself if there was any way I could help myself. I found a wonderful site where I learned more than I had in 17 years. I had been my own worst enemy. I didn't know what not to do. I heard about different medications to take and about a tea called Kombucha. I researched it and began drinking it just for myself and another tea Yerba Mate. Soon I was making them for all my friends. Everyone started feeling better. They all kept telling me I had to sell it. So I then proceeded to find out what I had to do. I started researching other teas and coffee style drinks. Now I am in better health and want to bring what I have learned to everyday people like me.
Some of my teas were brought to me after I opened the store, by customers who swore by them. 

I am still learning everyday from myself, my research, and from my customers. I hope you enjoy visiting my store. Even if you don't purchase anything, if you learn something that will help your health, than I will be glad you stopped in. Have a nice day and take care of yourself naturally.

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We want you to feel better. Sometimes we find ways outside the norm to help. Here is wonderful E-mail from Sherry Buckner. Sherry, we owe you for this e-mail.

From: Buckner, Sherry 
Sent: Friday, November 07, 2008 7:39 PM
To: mgray@naturalremi-teas.com
Subject: I owe you

more than I can pay you....

I owe you the $5.00, which I will send to you in a check.... but the BIGGER story is THANK YOU!!!!!   You included some maca powder in my order of chia seeds.... I have had hot flashes since 1995.  I have had hormones, bioidentical hormones, hormone support nutritional supplements, "maca" from another source, which didn't work and every other thing on the market (including medication for thyroid - a very low dose of synthroid) which also didn't work - except to make my heart race. 

I was having extreme hot flashes every 15 to 20 minutes, 24 - 7.  This morning, I tried the maca you sent me.  

Upon first dose at 10:00 am -- my hot flashes subsided until 1:30 PM.  I was calling my mom, my children... everyone.... Since then, I had another dose of 1/4 tsp. in the tea at 2:30 PM, I had one hot flash at about 4:30 PM and another at 6:30 PM.   That in itself, is a miracle.  Nothing had worked on me.... and now I HAVE YOUR MACA.  All this and it has not even been 12 hrs. yet.....  I can't wait to go to sleep tonight and actually, get some sleep! 

I believe that it is working so well on me because my biggest problem was the entire endocrine system.

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, and may you be blessed for all time, IN JESUS NAME

Sincerely, Sherry Buckner

E-mail Marion 6432 North Ridge Road Madison Ohio 44057 You can reach us at 866-428-0575 and 440-428-0575 M-Sat, 10-6

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Natural Remi-Teas Customer Service is very important to us. Below is an excerpt from Nathan Dunkle's term paper from Madison, Oh. 

As for my Senior Project, I was given the responsibility to work with Marion Gray and Natural Remi-Teas as a stock boy and international marketer.  The project is designed to provide me with an individual opportunity to direct my own learning, grow in maturity, realize responsibility for myself and others, achieve a better understanding of how society functions, and through achieving these goals I will have a greater path to success after high school.  To most students, I believe this would be very difficult working at a local shop in Madison, Ohio.  On the contrary, I believe Mr. Fisher and Mrs. Elliott gave me the one opportunity that truly achieved ALL of those goals for me personally.  I can honestly say "yes" to every single one of those goals meant to be achieved.

            On the first week of work with Senior Project, Alex and I worked at Natural Remi-Teas with Marion Gray.  Marion showed us much about her business and what most people would never expect from a small building on Route 20 in Madison, Ohio.  Upon arrival on the first day, we learned that Natural Remi-Teas is not a local shop.  It is a global phenomenon.  Marion showed us that she does business over the web and has customers all over the world.  She gave us her business story and how success came for her.  Through struggles and mistakes, Marion learned the way to a successful small business.

            Originally, I never would have imagined all the chaos and hard work that gets put into a small business by an entrepreneur.  But once meeting Marion, we learned that there is so much involved in preparation and customer approval that you may overlook.  We learned that there is so much involved in being a respectable and wanted distributor to your customers.  Marion showed us you must do everything to please the customer so that they will trust you and come back to make future purchases.  There is also a ton of work in the legal sense of owning a small business.  Everything from advertisement to distribution of your products has a lot of legal guidelines to follow.

            On a daily-log note, we were at Remi-Teas to help out.  And help we did.  For five days straight, we helped Marion bag and ship a couple thousand pounds of Chia Seeds, Yerbamate, and White Tea Leaves.  Alex and I learned how to work hard at very tedious work, knowing it was for a good cause.

            I believe working with Marion Gray and Remi-Teas will benefit me in my future because I plan to pursue a career in business and may one day own my own business.  Learning the values of customer satisfaction just shows me how life in general we should always give our best towards others as they will appreciate it and can trust us and, whether or not doing business, they have an expectation with you and know that you represent yourself well.