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Korea            MR. CHOI                    MRC Company

Japan            Miho                            Tel: 408-255-7480

Singapore    Miss Li Xue         TEL:(+65)91390366

Canada        El Pito Products TEL:1-800-387-4064 

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65 Saltsman Drive                           Service

Cambridge, ON N3H 4R7

Africa           Richard Thom         TEL:0741853214
Imme Thom     
China               Margaret Mao

                               Jia Peng

E-mail Marion 6432 North Ridge Road Madison Ohio 44057 You can reach us at 866-428-0575 and 440-428-0575 M-Sat, 10-6

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We can sell Bulk orders internationally to Korea, China, and Japan.. Other countries.

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