Obesogens, chemicals in the food supply are causing Obecity.

Foods have been changed since we were youngsters. There has got to be a reason for rising weight and diabetes in the population. One reason may be much more of a chemical called obosogens in our foods.

 Obesogenes are chemicals which our liver has trouble digesting which are more prevalent in our enviroment than in the past. A visually heathy strawberry or a piece of salman may contain obesogens, invisible to the eye, which our liver will have trouble digesting. As a runner and a type 2 diabetic, this is causing concern.

Farm raised Salman, which I always trusted, have been fed paint dye pellets to get that pleasing red color. I will now buy the wild salmon from the ocean. If it is a little white than that will not be a factor.

As far as fruits, organic fruits are much better for you. Bananas do not even have to be organic, Because they have a peel which you peel protecting the actual banana from any pesticides. This is also true for pineapples.

As far as meats, animals are injected with hormone, inducing weight gain. Hormone free grass fed beef is a better selection.

The FDA has warned us about BPA which is a chemical found in the lining of tin cans, which has been linked to heart disease and diabetes. Best to purchase in packets, like tuna which is offered in packets. Obesogens can also be found in plastic food containers and Styrofoam. Best to wrap those leftovers in aluminum foil, or wax paper or put in a glass jar.

In conclusion it isn't just calories we need to watch out for. We live in an age where low-cost chemicals are snuck into our foods. We must pay more attention to the food labels and less to the price. Below is a short video about a obesogenic fat cell.

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