Stevia Sweetener a
Low-Calorie Sweetener

Sweetener Comparison Chart Calories per 1 teaspoon Serving Source Other Benefits Taste
100% organic and Natural Stevia powder  0 Naturally, from Stevia plant It is up to 30 times stronger than sugar. Slightly Bitter
Splenda 0

Sucralose is not a carbohydrate and has shown in studies to have no effect on blood glucose control or insulin levels.


    Stevia has been used for centuries as a natural sweetener. The benefit of Stevia is it is up to 30 times stronger than sugar with no calories. Add a dash in hot water or to a beverage like Chai, Tea, or Coffee.

    With its extracts having up to 30 times the sweetness of sugar, stevia has garnered attention with the rise in demand forlow-carbohydrate, low-sugar food alternatives.

    Stevia, a member of the Chrysanthemum family, is a plant native to Paraguay. It has been used by the Guarani Indians since ancient times. We use the type of stevia from a crushed leaf which gives it its healthy green color.
    The crushed leaf form is about 30 times as sweet as sugar. It  is useful for sprinkling on top of cereal and other foods. The leaf particles do not dissolve, so kids might take a little time getting used to the floating leaves in their cereal.

Stevia has been used in recipes for

Root Beer
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Raspberry Sorbet
Clamless Chowder Soup
Cornapple Muffins
Cinnamon Raisin Mochi Waffles
Fabulous Chicken Salad
Lemon Cookies and Cream Dessert
Aimee's Original French Silk Pie

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