Natural Remi-teas believes in finding natural solutions with aid of medical practitioners. We have a line of products of foods, teas, and seeds with a long track record of success. We hope to solve problems naturally even if it includes solutions outside our product line. We look to partner with other entities which share our vision. We aim to promote solutions which have a long track record. We have first hand experience with thyroid, diabetes, digestive, and insomnia problems.

Children's Testimonials

The Remi-Tea girls

Customer: Celeste Lashley

Comments: Your store is really nice. You got everything from coffees to smoothies and I love it. Everything you have tastes great and at an affordable price. Marion you are great and now we have a place to hang at. Keep up the good work and thanks. Everything tastes awesome.

Customer: Danielle Tomko

Comments: I think Natural Remi-Teas is the greatest place to buy healthy drinks. The drinks taste great and at an affordable price. Marion your great and now we have a place to hang at. Keep up the good work and thanks. Everything tastes awesome.

Customer: Sarah Laforce

Comments: Natural Remi-Teas is an awesome store. Marion is so awesome. She comes in with real good drinks. Strawberry Sensation is her best drink. She get's an A+ in my book.

Customer: Patrick Lee Messenger

Comments: I think Natural Remi-Teas is very neat. If you like healthy drinks, this is the place to come. Marion is very nice and talkative. You can get Chai's to Smoothies. Everyone at Natural Remi-Teas is nice and polite.

Customer: Niecy Crawford

Comments: I think this is a nice store. I like the Oreo Cookie Smoothie. It's a nice place to come in the summer. They have nice prices. The service is good. I think Marion is a good servicer. She's fast and has good drinks. She has a lot of selections. People like her. They come with smiles and leave with smiles.

Customer: Curtis Celinski

Comments: I think it is a good store and service is fast. I think the extreme cream is the best drink here and it gives me an extra boost in the morning. I drink these drinks because they taste good and they are good for me.

Customer: Heidi

Comments: Natural Remi-Teas is the best place to go to grab a drink. My friends and I gather up a bunch of change and go there when we can. I love it. There's so much to choose from and it is so good for you and Marion is such a sweetheart.

Customer: Brandon Setler

Comments: I think Natural Remi-Teas is a great store with lots of products to try. And if you don't like something, there's always something new to try and enjoy. I really like the Chai. I think it is a great hot drink when you get up in the morning. It gives energy in the morning to last the day. The drinks are natural and healthy for me. Not only is the product good, but the service is great. Marion and Gary are the two best people to be friends with. They not only sell you the products, they tell you about it and if you have any questions, they answer them. It is a great store and the people are nice to. It gets a A++ in my book.

E-mail Marion 6432 North Ridge Road Madison Ohio 44057 You can reach us at 866-428-0575 and 440-428-0575 M-Sat, 10-6

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