What if there was a natural food which would slow down the conversion of
carbohydrates into sugar while adding protein?

There is, it is called Chia

known to aid in the control of diabetic sugar, make it slow to metabolize 

Top 8 Reasons people use Chia Seeds for diabetes

8. 1 ounce of Chia uses 2.8% of the calories in a 2000

calorie diet. The full daily servings only add up to 139 calories

7. Chia Seeds are high in calcium and naturally have

boron in them which tranfers the calcium into your


6. Chia Seeds fill you up - When they come in contact

with water, pudding, juice, yogurt etc. they grow to 9x

their size and they slow down the absorbtion of carbs to

control the appetite


5. Gluten free Chia Seeds are very good for a Raw Food

Diet because they are high in protein, calcium,

omega 3 and 6 and don't need to be cooked. Unlike Flax 

Seed, you do not have to ground up Chia Seeds when

 you make a smoothie.

4. Chia Seeds are great for workouts. Prior to a run or athletic

event which you need to hydrate,  Chia Seeds in a bottle of water 

will help you hydrate. They will also help with protein to 

do the event without cramping up.  Chia is good for the 

digestive system because it is a hydrophillic colloid.

3. Chia Seeds are high in Omega 3 - 1 oz of Chia Seeds

has 4915mg of Omega 3. Omega 3 fatty acids are loaded with

protein which is great for healthy skin, hair, and nails

Chia Seeds are high in calcium and naturally have

Boron in them which tranfers the calcium into your


2. Chia Seeds are good for lowering cholesterol - Chia seed

supplies fiber in 2 forms: insoluble (won't dissolve

in water) from its outer coat and soluble fiber

(will dissolve in water) from its inner shell. Soluble

fiber has been found helpful in lowering cholesterol and

diabetes. Also the omega 3 and 6 has been shown to help.

1. Chia Seeds are good for a Diabetic - 1 oz of Chia Seeds

has a Glycemic Index of 1. Champion Triathletes use them. 

    When you run 100 miles you better be efficient in what you eat.

I know because I have run marathons and you need to 

have the energy to burn the calories.

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Chia Seeds are low calorie and have a low Glycemic load. Glycemic load is a system of ranking carbohydrate foods based on how much they raise blood glucose levels that combines the GI value and the carbohydrate content of an average serving of a food, of a meal, or of a day’s worth of food.

Food - ounces -grams -GI      

Chia seeds 1oz 28grams  1

Whole 1 slice    28grams  5
Wheat bread

Post Grape 1oz 28grams  7

Beans Black  28 grams     8
Mature Seeds Raw

Rice Cakes,  28 grams    16
brown rice, Multigrain

Data estimates complements of nutritiondata.com

Chia Seeds have only 139 calories for an ounce serving and have a 1GI for diabetics. See more nutritional stats about chia seeds at calorie count.about.com