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Chia seed, a muscle and tissue builder and an energizer of endurance with extensive hydration properties, and because if its physiochemical properties, supports effective treatment in immediate problems of digestion.

What are common sense ways  to lose weight with natural remedies without increasing the everyday budget?

David Rosa from Madison, Ohio in December of 2007 was determined to lose weight so he could keep up with kids. He lost 65 lbs over the next 7 months with natural remedies and exercise. 

He was able to do it without changing his food budget.

Below we find out how he did it and what obstacles he had to overcome.

Natural Remi-Teas Weight Loss Case Study interview with David Rosa and Michael D'Amico - new

How much weight have you lost?
65 pounds
Over how long of a time period?
7 months
How old are you?
Anything that you can do now that you can't do than.
I can chase the kids around and keep up with them. I noticed playing some sports is a lot easier.
Which sports are you referring to?
Just whether it's basketball or just playing with the kids, softball or anything like that. My son would have me playing flag football. It was a lot easier to run.
Your son is how old?
My son is thirty. To go out and keep up with the young guys is a little amazing.
When did you feel you needed to do something about your health?
I have 4 and 2 grand babies and I wanted to be around. You want to be able to keep up.
What where you doing before, that was making it difficult for you to lose weight?
Eating donuts and drinking a lot of pop.
Why did you decided to lose the weight naturally?
I didn't want to do anything with caffeine high or something. There is a lot of products to speed up your metabolism. I eat more natural foods, salads. 
Using things like apple cider vinegar on your salad as opposed to bologna sandwiches. I was eating a lot of wheat bread as opposed to white bread. I was just trying to stay away from high calories.
Are you using any natural remedies in your diet?
I would eat dried tart cherries. They are just as easy and just as good to eat as donuts. They also help with your digestive system. I would use Apple Cider Vinegar, Chia Acai energy bars, and Yerba Mate. I would drink Yerba Mate throughout the day. Sometimes in the morning, I would heat up the water at work.
Would you drink it hot or cold?
Either way. instead of drinking Pepsi, I would drink Yerba Mate. Yerba Mate helps as far as weight loss goes and was kind of a pick me up. It helps you wake up.
How did you first learn about chia seeds?
I would mostly use them when I ate Chia Acai bars.  I would make sure I would eat Chia Acai bars in the morning. Than I would add chia to orange juice and 
apple juice. I was surprised that I didn't feel that hungry. People would offer me donuts in the morning and I would say no thank you.
Did it cost you more to change your diet to a natural diet
I wouldn't say it would cost much more in regards to food. I was eating more chicken, fish as opposed to red meats. It cost less to drink yerba mate as opposed to pop. Yerba Mate can get you 3 cups out of one teabag. A 12 pack of
pop is about 4-5 dollars.
How often would you eat the Chia Acai bar?
I was eating one in the morning and at lunch.
What did you do in terms of exercising.
Pretty much the treadmill and walking. I would go on the treadmill for an hour or so. I would change elevations. I mixed it up quite a bit. I would start at walking speed. I would walk 10 minutes or so depending on the day and gradually increase the speed.
Do you have any joint issues.
No. Actually I feel a whole lot better now. I got a little more pep at the end of the day and can go run with the kids.
Did you get any temptation from you co-workers.
They notice that my clothes are loose. They ask me what I am doing and what I am eating and I would show them. I am eating my salads and so forth. I eat the Chia Acai bars and drink the Yerba Mate. What would it be like if you had not lost the weight? I would need more energy.
Could you do this for years to come?
Sure. I would eat dry tart cherries instead of donuts, fruits and oranges. I actually felt lot better after eating the fruits because it gave me a lot more energy. I work underground. It is hot and dusty. The chia seeds help keep you 

Marion Gray, who suffers from an underactive thyroid, has been on TV, spoke in front of the Northeast Running Club and has published many articles on weight loss. She makes Chia Seeds part of her regular diet for 5 years to help deal with thyroid symptoms like lack of energy, dry skin and hair, thyroid weight issues, and colon issues.


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Marion Gray, who suffers from an underactive thyroid, has been on TV, spoke in front of the Northeast Running Club and has published many articles on weight loss. She makes natural remedies as part of her regular diet for 5 years to help deal with thyroid symptoms like lack of energy, dry skin and hair, thyroid weight issues, and colon issues.

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