Do you have energy problems and weight problems related to your Thyroid?

Chia Seeds are a proven century old natural remedy that can help with thyroid symptoms.

Marion Gray, who suffers from an underactive thyroid, has been on TV, held thyroid support groups, has published many articles. She has made Chia Seeds part of her regular diet for 5 years to help deal with thyroid symptoms like lack of energy, dry skin and hair, thyroid weight problems, and colon issues.

June 2008 Interview with Marion Gray concerning Thyroid disease and Natural Remedies

Chia seeds are truly a renaissance food. I take it every day, and my energy and endurance levels are sky-high. Recent studies have shown the seeds are being used with cancer, ADD, AIDS, Diabetes, thyroid disorders, digestive problems, menopause, and a long list of other aliments. Whether you are interested in chia seeds for weight loss, hydration during physical activities, nutritional values or to control diabetics sugar levels it is truly an amazing food.

I have watched my customer's response and it is overwhelming. The fact that you can add to any beverage or food without changing the taste is a bonus. I take the chia seeds myself and have noticed a difference in my energy levels and digestive tract. I first learned about Chia Seeds on the about thyroid site. The guide was recommending them for thyroid weight loss and energy and I am glad I brought them into my store and I do hope you try them. They will speak for themselves.

  • Name: Tracy:

        Comments: Love the CHIA!!!! I cannot recommend it enough! I noticed a      fabulous difference in my weight in 1 week and it is helping me tremendously to prepare for my upcoming wedding.

One pound of chia seeds would make 24 cups of gel once hydrated which if you took the recommended dose of three tablespoons three times a day of the gel it would last you over a month. I recommend to my customers to just use 1/3 cups of seeds and put in two cups of warm water and whick, wait fifteen minutes and whisk again. Use three tablespoons three times a day of the gel or do one tablespoon dry in food or with fluid.

Take Care Yourself Naturally with Natural Remi-Teas

If you could come to my store, I would show you that Natural Remi-Teas organically grown chia seeds come in resealable plastic bags and stored dry unrefrigerated can last up to 4 to 5 years. If you check the internet, you will see we have the best price on chia seeds if you factor in we have no extra chintzy handling fees. Our prices are so good, you may wonder about the quality. I am very picky about the quality and package in the cleanest conditions.

Take care of yourself naturally.

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Great  blog about the benefits of chia seeds  from Sharon who also has thyroid disease.